Jaden Kropp

Pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Salt Lake Community College

About Jaden Kropp

I am 23 years old and will often forget if I am 23 or 24, I have been using computers my entire life and will continue to use them in a computer science career.

Reflection on this class

Since the start of this semester I have been taking 3 different coding courses SQL, Java, and this one and I have to say this one is by far my favorite of them all, ever since the first day of class I have been enjoying doing every single one of my assignments for this class which is not something I can say for the rest of my coding classes.
I have also felt accomplishment and/or satisfaction with my assignments in this class as well which is very important to me as I initially had worry I would not enjoy coding, which can be true for some of my other coding classes like Java and SQL but the Java I have learned in this class was much easier to understand and came to me more easily.
After taking this class and comparing it to my other classes it is making it easier for me to decide my path in computer science overall, and I think anyone interested in computer science should take this as a starting class to see if they would enjoy any aspects of computer science.

What I learned in this class


How to code html documents, and then learn it can all be done in java


how to make things pretty


well atleast how to make a game of tic-tac-toe.

Tricks in NotePad++

alt+shift with an arrow key is your friend.

how to use bootstraps

making me wonder why I learned it all just to finish everything off with copy and paste.


How to space your code to make it look and feel better.

Favorite Projects

Some of my favorite Projects in this class, links in my projects tab at top of screen.


Little Boxes

Yes, it took me like 4000 lines of code, years of my life, and somehow the code broke and I dont have the original.

New York

Guessing Game


San Francisco


Yes, this is a DND related page.

What fictional characters from friends say about me!